Integrated approach

The traditional way of dealing with polluted soil and groundwater does not work in all cases. In urban environments with complex contaminations of chlorinated solvents an integrated approach is required to tackle the problems. But where should you start? The CityChlor project provides building blocks. If you use these building blocks your chances of success are much greater. And by working together right from the start you can influence the process and turn problems into solutions for sustainable city development.

CityChlor has demonstrated that remediation and sustainable re-development can evolve on a parallel timescale. It is also clear that public and private partnerships are important for guaranteeing the success of the process over a period of several decades. Moreover, the project has shown that an integrated approach can fit into European and local legislation. Finally, CityChlor has created tools for risk perception and community involvement and the project has reviewed and selected new techniques for characterisation and remediation.

So CityChlor has delivered the building blocks for stranded city development. But what building block must be added when and by whom? To answer such questions, CityChlor developed a plan that guides you through the different steps of an integrated approach and takes the interests of stakeholders into account.