Sustainable Mobility

The goal of the unit is to improve accessibility and air quality and to reduce noise and air pollution and CO2 emissions caused by traffic and transportation. The challenge is to optimise the use of the different networks for car traffic and shipping, for rail and biking as well as in a national and international context. We achieve our goal by spreading our knowledge and experience in our network and by activating the different stakeholders.

Cycling and Dutch national infrastructure book

Inspiring project insights and opportunities for cycling as a viable mode of transport for employees involved in projects at national level.

E-Route du Soleil

The report looks into experiences from EV drivers along the route from Amsterdam to the South of France: the E-Route du Soleil.


The project aims to realize 3 hydrogen refuelling stations along the North Sea - Baltic core network corridor (Arnhem, Riga en Pärnu).


The project aims to launch 8 hydrogen refuelling stations and 80 hydrogen cars in the Benelux in order to get the H2 market for passenger vehicles going.


The project gives fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers access to a pan-European network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

ZEV China Policy Lab

China, the United States and The Netherlands founded the China ZEV policy lab. Its goal is to accelerate the large scale roll out of electric vehicles.


The project aims to build and demonstrate a 27 ton rigid truck fuelled by hydrogen with a mobile H2 refueler.