Romania course on sustainanable landmanagement and site remediation

Project Objective

Within the framework of the EU Twinning Project PHARE RO/06/IB/EN/06 'Implementation and application of the environmental acquis focused on domestic waste management', SenterNovem (SN) was invited to conduct seminars on a range of subjects. This was carried out by the SN taskgroups 'Waste and materials', 'Infomil' and 'Soil+'.

Since 'proper' environmental quality is at the heart of deciding making whether or not (and how) to remediate a contaminated site; a full 3-day session was devoted to this subject. Basically, the 'Dutch approach' was taken as a basis to guide the participants through the process of identifying risks (human, ecological, groundwater, quality of agricultural products) and deciding on the seriousness of these risks in a given situation.

Project duration

The project period was : July 2008 - July 2009.