Healthy and liveable cities

Transport networks support the accessibility and quality of life in living, working and shopping areas. The relationship between an accessible and liveable city and the environment has recently been receiving increasing attention. Air quality and noise pollution are important topics on the political agenda.

In nearly all big cities, environmental zones have been introduced and most polluting trucks have been banned from city centres. With the municipalities, transport organisations and the ministry, our department has played a leading role in organising these environmental zones. We have also led in communicating knowledge to the various target groups.


Car sharing has huge potential. Currently, there are about 87,000 shared cars in the Netherlands; 10-20% of licensed drivers are positive towards car sharing concepts. Green Deal participants want to stimulate supply and demand by increasing the public's awareness of the advantages, making car sharing easier and offering shared cars at more locations. Realising this ambition and goal, 100,000 shared cars and 730,000 participants in 2021, requires good cooperation between all parties.


The number of participants has grown with 185,000 in one year and reached a total number of 730,000 in 2020. The number of shared cars in the Netherlands has reached about 87,000 shared cars early 2021.

Interest in car sharing continues to grow

Car sharing is increasingly becoming a recurring theme in both local and national policy, too. Ambitions for car sharing are part of the measures on sustainable mobility in the national climate agreement (Klimaatakkoord). Car sharing can also contribute to the national ambitions on circular economy.

Green Deal

Who? 7 municipalities, in total 40 organisations in various sectors, government bodies, sharing concept providers, environmental organisations and interest groups, and the ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Water Management.

What? Car sharing is on the rise in the Netherlands. An increase in the number of shared cars promotes the liveability of a city and means fewer car kilometres and thus lower emissions.
The Green Deal participants want to communicate the advantages of car sharing and expedite its growth. Growth opportunities are utilized more effectively by cooperating more intensively, implementing a joint communication strategy and removing obstacles. The goal is to have a network of 100,000 shared cars and 700,000 participants by 2021.

With its Green Deal approach, the Dutch government promotes innovative initiatives for sustainable economic growth.