Healthy and liveable cities

Transport networks support the accessibility and quality of life in living, working and shopping areas. The relationship between an accessible and liveable city and the environment has recently been receiving increasing attention. Air quality and noise pollution are important topics on the political agenda.

exhaust pipeIn nearly all big cities, environmental zones have been introduced and most polluting trucks have been banned from city centres. With the municipalities, transport organisations and the ministry, our department has played a leading role in organising these environmental zones. We have also led in communicating knowledge to the various target groups.


The number of shared cars has been growing the past years. Every year the numbers are being monitored by CROW. In 2015 a 'Green Deal' started to accelerate the development of the carsharing market, with a goal of 100,000 shared cars in 2018.

The fact sheet Green Deal Car Sharing: 100,000 shared cars in 2018 (pdf, 155 kB) is for Green Deal participants and non-participants who want to know more about these deals. Furthermore, people can exchange experiences and inspire each other.


  • Environmental zones
  • Noise reduction and transport