E-Route du Soleil

The Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management commissioned FIER to carry out research on the bottlenecks experienced by drivers of electric vehicles. As a case study, the focus was placed on the corridor from the Netherlands to the South of France, the so-called 'E-Route du Soleil'.

FIER partly based the information in this report on the results of the 'National Charging Survey 2020', an initiative of the Dutch Electric Drivers Association (VER) and ELaadNL with experiences of more than 1,800 Dutch EV drivers. FIER carried out qualitative research on respondents from this survey with international experience in EV driving. The findings were further substantiated and expanded with desk research, including statistics from the EAFO portal. Relevant research led to the definition of bottlenecks/challenges as input for policy recommendations, to improve the relevant EV driver experiences. The report formulates recommendations on the availability of charging infrastructure, price transparency, European roaming and on the facilities available at charging locations. The methodology used for this analysis, is applicable to any TEN-T corridor in Europe.

The infograhpic E-Route du Soleil (pdf, 1.4 MB) summarizes the report.