Capacity building industrial air pollution control Turkey

Together with DCMR (Environmental Protection Agency of Rotterdam), InfoMil implemented a bilateral project for the department air management of the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Forestry on capacity building in industrial air pollution control. The project was a Government-to-Government (G2G) project of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the environment (IM). From March 2012 to June 2012, Dutch experts in air pollution regulation and control gave on-the-job training in the sectors Ceramics, Chemical Fertilizer Production and Oil refinery. The training sessions took place in Mersin, Canakkale and Izmit.

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Project Objective

The project had the following objectives:

  1. Help policy makers from MoEF introduce BAT on industrial air pollution
  2. Increase the technical and social capacity of MoEF to control industrial air pollution
  3. Inform stakeholders in industrial sectors about BAT industrial air pollution.

To increase the technical capacity on industrial air pollution control and institutional strengthening, technical documents were developed and technical personnel were trained to consider BAT and negotiate on air pollution control with a selection of industrial sectors. Policy tools aimed at reducing air pollution were proposed to ensure project sustainability. With this proposal, the MoEF can decide which policy could be implemented to increase air pollution control. Furthermore, the technical guidelines were drawn up for the selected industrial sectors: Ceramics, Chemical Fertilizer Production and Oil refinery.

Project duration

The project duration was 16 months, 2011-2012

More information

For further information please contact InfoMil.

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