Implementation and application of the environmental acquis focused on domestic waste management and chemical legislation

InfoMil/NL Agency was involved in a twinning project (Twinning Project RO/06/IB/EN/06) with experts from Spain, the Netherlands and Romania. The project covered the assessment of domestic waste management, training on legislation on dangerous substances, REACH and CLP regulation.

Project Objective

The main objective was to strengthen the capacity of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency (REPA) - Bac─âu, Local Environmental Protection Agencies (LEPAs) and the National Environmental Guard (NEG) in implementing, monitoring and enforcing the transposed environmental legislation with respect to domestic waste management and chemicals legislation. During the project, a group of 20 people were trained on the relevant elements of the REACH regulation and their relationship with other chemical legislation. The sessions were accompanied by case studies and the exchange of practical experiences from both the Netherlands and Romania.

EU Relevance

As a new EU Member State, Romania must comply with the REACH and CLP Regulation.

Project Results

The project (relating to chemical legislation) resulted in an Action Plan for the participants, enabling them to share the acquired in-depth knowledge about the regulation and to improve the implementation of REACH and the national organisation of REACH enforcement.

Beneficiary Institutions

The National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) of Bucharest, the corresponding Regional and Local Environmental Protection Agencies (REPA and LEPA), the National Environmental Guard (NEG) and local companies.

Duration of the project

The duration of the project was 24 months, 2008-2009.