Policy Advice and Implementation

Rijkswaterstaat advises the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on the development and evaluation of national and European waste policies and regulations. Expert advice is provided in many different ways. For example, Rijkswaterstaat helps draft policies and action programmes, represents the Ministry in European expert groups and moderates implementation disputes.

Rijkswaterstaat also supports the Ministry with the implementation of national and European waste policies and regulations, such as the Dutch Packaging Decree, EU Waste Framework Directive and Ecodesign Directive. To promote sustainable production and consumption.

Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the practical implementation of green public procurement and helps companies interpret end-of-waste and by-product criteria formulated by the EU.
Rijkswaterstaat also advises companies and local authorities on how to comply with (inter)national waste policies and regulations. To this end, Rijkswaterstaat develops information tools, such as a benchmark on waste separation to assess the performance of municipalities.