National activities

In Europe, the Netherlands has established a leading position in waste management. Currently, 78% of our waste is recycled and the remaining waste is generally used for energy production. Although this is already a major achievement, the Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe calls for a more fundamental transition.

Circular economy

The long-term ambition is therefore to achieve a circular economy in the Netherlands. To meet this challenge, Rijkswaterstaat transcends traditional waste management by stimulating integrated waste prevention throughout product chains. What was once considered waste can thus be converted into a resource. This creates new economic opportunities and enhances resource security.

Waste legislation

At national level, our role is to implement and execute European and national legislation on waste management and prevention of waste and to boost resource efficiency.

Most of the waste and resources policy from the Netherlands is part of an international framework, such as European directives (e.g. waste framework directive) and roadmaps (Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe) and the Framework of Programmes on SCP by UNEP.

Our main national activities

The main activities of Rijkswaterstaat waste department in the Netherlands are: