Hydrogen in Transport (HIT)

Hydrogen in Transport (HIT) is about harmonising hydrogen fuel stations along TEN-T corridors.

  • The HIT 1 project aims to create a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for fuel cell electric vehicles along key TEN-T corridors. In doing so, the project will address the familiar 'chicken-and-egg' issue: the interdependency of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and the fuelling infrastructure.
    The HIT project will develop a synchronised implementation plan for the introduction of a hydrogen refuelling station, initially along a 1000 km corridor from Gothenburg to Rotterdam. It will also demonstrate state-of-the-art refuelling technology by constructing three pilot stations in the Netherlands and Denmark.
  • HIT-2-Corridors Action presents the next crucial steps to expand hydrogen infrastructure and interconnectivity along core network routes. This will be achieved in a broader and more inclusive way than ever before in Europe.
  • H2-Nodes – This action is under construction.