We participate in the following networks:

Common Forum : (on Contaminated Land), initiated in 1994, is a network of contaminated land policy makers, regulators and technical advisors from Environment Authorities in European Union member states and European Free Trade Association countries.

Netherlands Soil Partnership : The NSP is a network organisation of companies, knowledge institutes and the government. It focuses on public-private partnerships for international ventures in soil management and land development which are focussed on the purpose. The Dutch government, companies and knowledge institutes want to share their experiences gained in recent decades in terms of development and approach.

Netherlands Water Partnership : The NWP is an independent body set up by the Dutch private and public sectors in the Netherlands to act as a national coordination and information centre for water-related issues abroad. The principal aims of the NWP are to harmonise the activities and initiatives of the Dutch water sector abroad and promote Dutch expertise in water worldwide.

NICOLE : is a leading forum on contaminated land management in Europe, promoting co-operation between industry, academia and service providers on the development and application of sustainable technologies.

SIKB : is a network which encompasses both the private and the public sector. The network was set up to continuously and structurally enhance the standards of activities relating to soil management in the Netherlands. This includes decision-making, service provision, as well as soil remediation and soil handling.