Local Climate Policy

The Netherlands is not the only country where local governments adopt climate policies. More and more municipalities in Europe set and work towards local climate ambitions. Knowledge is shared through international projects, organizations and programs.

The Netherlands has been promoting local climate policies for at least two decades. Many Dutch municipalities have set goals towards achieving climate neutrality or becoming self-supporting with regard to their energy use. The Dutch National Climate Summit will give these initiatives an extra boost. Of course other European municipalities have similar goals. This makes it interesting to share experiences and knowledge.

Covenant of Mayors

The Covenant of Mayors is an important initiative for municipalities. Over 6900 municipalities have joined this initiative to take up the challenge to go beyond the 20x20x20 goals of the European Union. The 2030 objective is at least 40% reduction of greenhouse gasses. Rijkswaterstaat Environment is the Dutch coordinator for the Covenant of Mayors and signed an agreement with the European Union in 2013.

Interesting organisations and websites:


An initiative by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program of the European Commission. The aim of Managenergy is to support and exchange knowledge on climate/energy-related subjects in the public sector. They share many good practices and provide a kids corner for projects specifically aimed at children.

Energy cities

Energy cities is a European association of local governments which are inventing their own energy future. On their website they post news from the EU and explain the impact of this news on local governments. They also organize meetings and set up projects through European funding. Their annual conference provides a particularly good networking opportunity for local governments.