China: Switch Asia Programm – REWIN project

Project Objective

The overall objective of the Rewin is to contribute to sustainable production for both Chinese producers of EEE and recyclers by promoting resource efficiency in order to reduce the environmental impact of WEEE.

Switch Asia

The specific objectives include:

  1. linking supply and demand of secondary raw materials in electronic production and recycling (chain approach)
  2. developing an adequate recycling infrastructure for WEEE as post-consumer waste and secondary raw materials from the electronic producing industry
  3. developing a knowledge structure on Design for Recycling between the recyclers and the electronic producing industry

EU Relevance

Post-consumer Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment contain many materials that are valuable when used as secondary raw materials in the production processes of electronics. In the REWIN project, seven Chinese partner institutions and two European institutions link supply and demand of secondary raw materials in electronic production and recycling industry.


To reach this objective, this project is developing activities that will result in the following outcome:

  • The development of a system structure for a chain approach of EEE including collection, recycling, production
  • Adapted Waste Tracking System (WTS)
  • Secondary material exchange platform (SMEP)
  • Training for the use of e-WTS and SMEP, training for DfR
  • Action plans for selected SMEs in the electronic industry to improve resource efficiency
  • Collection and recycling of post consumer WEEE
  • Best practice of the use of secondary materials and DfR
  • Policy framework

The project was finished in 2015.

The Rijkswaterstaat deliverables can be downloaded from:

Project participants

  • BOKU University Vienna, Institute of Waste Management (coordinator)
  • University of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Beijing
  • National Solid Waste Management Centre of China
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • China Electronics Enterprises Association (CEEA)
  • Jingzhou Environmental Protection Bureau (JZEPB)

Associated partners: Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Waste Management Association, National Environmental Industrial Association, Local waste management authorities and local electronics enterprises associations from the target provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hubei.

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