Measurement of air emissions

Competent authorities can play a major role in promoting the reliability of measurement data. This can be done by focussing on the quality of air emission measurements during permitting and inspections.

The requirements on monitoring to be incorporated in permits can be found in the Netherlands Emission Guidelines for Air (NeR), section 3.7. Monitoring of Emissions. (pdf, 217 kB) The NeR is implemented in the Activity Degree since 1 January 2016.

Manual Measurement of Air Emissions (pdf, 7.9 MB) describes the general and quality assurance aspects of measuring air emissions from stationary sources and can be used as a background document. The manual also provides concrete tools for the competent authorities in the form of factsheets to be used during inspections. The factsheets describe, per measurement standard (type of measurement), the specific quality-determining factors for the type of measurement in question.