Hong Kong: Waste Issues

On 6 May 2013 a Letter of Intent was signed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department to jointly address environmental challenges and strengthen collaboration on waste issues in the areas of policy, management and resource recycling, law and enforcement, regulatory and economic instruments as well as treatment and disposal technologies.

Both parties intend to enhance information exchanges, training and experience-sharing between agencies on the formulation, development and implementation of waste policy, management plans, recycling networks and facilities, regulatory and economic instruments, waste to energy and other treatment facilities and disposal facilities.

Both parties also intend to build on existing collaboration to boost exchange of findings and scientific studies and technological developments and to share expertise and strategies to maximise resource recovery and minimise waste disposal.

Activities listed in the Letter of Intent include:

  • exchange of technical information and publications
  • exchange of visits by environmental experts and management personnel
  • conduct seminars, workshops or for a on matters of mutual interest or concern
  • collaborative research on subjects and in areas of mutual interest or concern
  • capacity building, training and technology transfer.

This G2G project will last from January 2014 to January 2016 and aims to implement the Letter of Intent and thus introduce Dutch companies to the Hong Kong waste market.