Smart solutions at ECOMM 2016

Rijkswaterstaat researchers were honored to serve as special guest presenters at the recent 2016 European Conference on Mobility Management.

This past June leading international mobility management experts convened in Athens for ECOMM 2016. Some 200 participants from 20 countries attended the three-day conference. The conference was titled, "Smart Solutions for People and Cities".

Rijkswaterstaat researchers Lysanne de Gijt, Jorrit Nijhuis and Marien Bakker were among the special guest presenters. They discussed their latest groundbreaking research during the conference's focus sessions.

Dutch roots

ECOMM 2016 also marked the conference's 20th anniversary. The first-ever ECOMM was held in Amsterdam in 1997. Now, twenty years later, this annual conference is firmly established. The importance of mobility behavior to our understanding of contemporary mobility management is also now firmly established.

Given ECOMM's Dutch roots, Rijkswaterstaat researchers fittingly played prominent roles in the anniversary conference. Jorrit Nijhuis discussed optimizing park-and-ride (P&R) facilities to reduce congestion ('Which future for Park and Ride in European cities?'). Marien Bakker outlined the steps required of successful behavioral change projects: '7 STEPS forward to make mobility patterns more sustainable: a policy approach for municipalities and regions'. Researcher Lysanne de Gijt expertly detailed 'New ways to influence bicycle behavior'.

Looking ahead

All eyes are now turned to next year. ECOMM 2017 will be held in Maastricht. As host country, the Netherlands’ mobility management will be in the spotlight. Bakker: "We look forward showing the world how we continue to engage with the challenges of Sustainable Mobility while improving accessibility, air quality, noise disturbance and climate change."

See you in Maastricht!