Waste and materials

Over the last 20 years, the waste and materials department has built a solid system for waste management in the Netherlands. Key elements include the national waste management plan and monitoring. In recent years, we have started working more and more towards a circular economy, focusing on material chains and programmes about sustainable consumption and production.

The waste helpdesk informs mainly local and regional authorities and businesses about waste legislation and implementation of waste policy.


The mission of the waste and materials department is: From waste to resources.
We work on Reducing waste, Recycling and Reuse of products and materials and on sustainable consumption and production.


The waste and materials department consists of about 40 professionals. They work in six teams who are responsible for:

  • policy advice and implementation
  • material chains
  • monitoring
  • knowledge centre litter: 'Gemeente Schoon' (Clean Municipality)
  • international projects
  • information and service

International partners

The waste and materials department participates in European projects which help to implement national goals on waste reduction and the circular economy, e.g. Resource Efficient Business models and Waste criteria. The expertise is also used to support capacity development and Partners in Business programmes on waste management in different countries.