Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Climate

The department has an external focus to support the national, regional and local authorities with their activities to reduce CO2 emission, to stimulate renewable energy, to save energy and decrease climate change. We achieve our goals by working together with our target groups, making connections by knowledge management and knowledge sharing.

Sustainable Mobility


Our mission is to improve accessibility and air quality and to reduce CO2 emissions caused by traffic and transportation.


We want to optimise the use of the road, rail, bicycle and water-networks. Furthermore, we want to reduce the air pollution and CO2 emission by stimulating the use of efficient and clean fuels and vehicles. We support, stimulate and activate social parties to change their behaviour in these directions.


  • Playing an intermediating and initiating role to stimulate innovation and to change behaviour of travellers and the transport of goods.
  • To organize and coordinate research and stimulate innovative (sustainable) developments in travelling and vehicle and fuel technique.
  • To organize knowledge dissemination and experiments on behavioural change in mobility.
  • To inform and facilitate our target groups and clarify the different research questions.
  • To translate the outcome of the projects and studies into practical solutions.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the results and report them to the policymakers at the ministry.



Energy saving by increasing the knowledge of the authorities about measures for energy saving.


We want to support the authorities with better monitoring, enforcement and licensing of the environmental legislation for companies and organizations. Doing so we not only support the authorities but we also stimulate the interaction between these authorities and the companies and organizations.


  • To explain the legislative rules and the practical possibilities for energy saving to be used, during company inspections, by the people involved in monitoring and enforcement tasks ( including mobility management such as transport prevention and green transport miles for commuters).



To support the authorities to reach the targets formulated in the 'local climate program' and the national Energy Agreement.


We are linking the policies of the national and regional authorities, by knowledge exchange and scaling up from successful climate initiatives.


  • Active knowledge gathering, dissemination and communication of successful climate projects via a personnel and online local support structure and network.
  • Policy support and advice for the regional and national authorities, developing of practical instruments to realize effective and efficient climate initiatives, and the organizing of meetings about actualities.
  • Monitoring of the progress of the 'local climate program' and the national Energy Agreement.


We are professionals working together in small flexible teams.

International projects

We are involved in several International projects in roles as partner or coordinator: