Sustainable Mobility

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Sustainable Mobility

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The goal of the unit is to improve accessibility and air quality and to reduce noise and air pollution and CO2 emissions caused by traffic and transportation. The challenge is to optimise the use of the different networks for car traffic and shipping, for rail and biking as well as in a national and international context. We achieve our goal by spreading our knowledge and experience in our network and by activating the different stakeholders.


Healthy and liveable cities

Healthy and Liveable Cities

Transport networks support the accessibility and quality of life in living, working and shopping areas.



Helping the different target groups to use sustainable and active transport is central to our approach.

Vehicle and alternative fuel technology

Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Technology

The use of clean, quiet and efficient vehicle technology will boost the liveability and the clever use of the transport networks.

International programmes

International programmes

Learning from each other in international networks, improving research methods and promoting a strong relationship with the EU are key.