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Results Steppings Stones Conference Online!

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On September 18th-19th, 2014 the Final Conference of 'Stepping Stones: How to make Mobility Patterns More Sustainable' took place in Krakow (Poland).

During the Stepping Stones Final Conference in Krakow September 18th and 19th Transport professionals from public authorities, decision makers and researchers discussed the results and recommendations of the three research consortia 'How to make mobility patterns more sustainable'. Practical information from approaches 'How to change Mobility behaviour' have been presented by the city of Krakow and the City of Munich.

The challenge of the Final conference of Stepping Stones was to integrate the recommendations of the Consortia to the most important Steps to make. What are the key factors to make your SUMP or your actionplan, your activity successfully. This integration process is coming to an end now. Within a few weeks, before the end of November, we will be able to present all the results of the integrated recommendations

You will find the recommendations from the three consortia; GPS, Step-by-Step and SHAPE-IT and all the presentations delivered during the Final Conference Stepping Stones on the conference page.