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About Rijkswaterstaat Environment

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Rijkswaterstaat Environment is part of Rijkswaterstaat, the executive of policies and regulations of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Rijkswaterstaat Environment performs various knowledge and implementation tasks relating to the environment. Rijkswaterstaat Environment also manages programmes for other clients than the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, such as local authorities and other ministries.

Rijkswaterstaat gives information on the following subjects:


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Soil + supports governments with knowledge about soil remediation, protection, management and soil energy for the sustainable use of the soil and subsoil.



The Dutch knowledge centre InfoMil is the primary source of information and best practices in matters of environmental legislation and policy in the Netherlands.


Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Climate

To increase the reachability and decrease the environmental damage caused by traffic and transportation by optimizing the use of the different (inter)national traffic and transport networks.


Waste and Materials

To prevent and reduce waste streams through re-use and recycling, as well as to minimise the environmental impact of product chains and waste management through a life-cycle perspective.